The Story of Utamu Foods

Utamu Foods is excited to enter the foods and beverages market with our unique products and value proposition. Here is our background, story and corporate information.

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…a taste of Africa in a cup!


The name “Utamu” is a Swahili word that means sweetness.

It is therefore the mission of Utamu tea to harness unique flavours and nutritional value from indigenous South African fruits into quality and healthful consumer products. Indigenous South African fruits also offer an opportunity to tap into climate smart, environmentally sustainable food sources which is important for more resilient, secure and sustainable food supply.

At its heart, Utamu Tea seeks to ignite in every tea lover a deeper understanding and ultimately: appreciation, of local flavours while encouraging healthy living. The company invites customers to experience the unique flavours and aromas of local fruits, long cherished by our forefathers. These one-of-a-kind honeybush tea blends ultimately  serve you the taste of Africa in a cup!


Our Mandate

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Our Mission

Our mission at Utamu Tea is to harness the unique flavors of indigenous South African fruits into quality and healthful consumer products. 

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Our vision is to be at the forefront of promotion of these indigenous resources, to strengthen forest-based bioeconomy and attract the participation and growth of the rural economy.


Our Executive Team


CEO & Board Member

Dr Trust Pfukwa
Dr Trust Pfukwa is a PhD Food Science graduate with Stellenbosch University. He is the brains behind Utamu, and is passionate about creating this indigenous African taste.

Board Member

Hilton Chirambadare
Hilton is a passionate leader with a desire to make the world a better place. A qualified geologist, he is employed in the mining sector.

Board Member

Dr Keena Marima
Dr Marimba is a Stellenbosch University graduate, passionate about attaining overall optimal health across humans, animals, plant species, and the environment.

Board Member

Panashe Mazungunye
Panashe is an Agricultural Economics graduate from Stellenbosch University. He has a great interest in agricultural development and policy analysis issues.

Our Utamu

Tea Value Proposition

Unique ingredients

Honeybush tea blended with carefully selected indigenous South African fruits.

Nutritional security

Resource-rich food systems will contribute to alleviating food insecurity and chronic diseases among the vulnerable and marginalized.

Cultural identity

Delivering unique aromas and flavorss of local fruits long cherished by our forefathers. Utamu Tea seeks to ignite every tea lover with a deeper understanding and ultimately an appreciation of indigenous foods.